Little sustainable changes make a difference

Little sustainable changes make a difference

New year, less plastic.

Let’s make it a habit!

Want to leave a plastic-free legacy on this Earth? Good news, plastic-free habits also benefit your body! You can make little, easy changes in your day-to-day that make a big difference towards a plastic-free world.

If everyone made these simple changes, even just once a week, it would make a huge difference! You can save both money and the planet.

1. Take public transport once a week instead of driving your car.

Prime time for reading that latest page-turner you can’t put down!

2. If you take a car, share it and carpool.

Way more fun, and a shared cost of petrol. Who’s on the AUX?

3. For one day a week, eat all meals without meat.

Get creative with delicious new bites. Good for your body, planet and your wallet.

4. Take shorter showers.

Even 5 minutes makes a difference! Plus, so good for your power bill.

5. Line dry your clothes instead of using the drier.

Another one that saves you money and is better for your clothes.

6. Plant a tree.

Hit the local plant nursery with friends for a fun weekend activity!

7. Re-engage with your keep cup.

It’s sitting at the back of your cupboard, missing you! Your barista will be so impressed.

8. Use Oi’s plastic-free single-use period products every month.

Take it from us, go green when it’s red! Your body and planet will thank you.

Want more solutions for your single-use sustainable resolutions? We’ve got you covered!

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Zero waste and all-day protection.

Our safe, soft, reusable Oi Cup lasts for 3 years, replacing hundreds of tampons or pads. Or, you can use a mix… There's no right or wrong! Simply do what works for your life, body, and budget.

Our Oi Cup stays inside for 6-12 hours and holds up to 30ml (or 2 tablespoons) of fluid. You simply insert it like a tampon. They also are,

  • Made from medical-grade material
  • Hypoallergenic, free from silicone, latex, BPA and phthalates
  • Safe & easy to clean
  • Up to 12 hours of worry-free freedom
  • Form fitted for soft comfort and easy insertion & removal

No Greenwashing.