5 Reasons Why Organic Period Care Is Better For You, And The Planet

If period care products required an ingredients chart on the box, you might look at them a little differently.

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Oi’s disposable period products, pads, tampons and liners, are made to have minimal impact on the environment and will biodegrade over 5 years. Made with non-toxic organic cotton to be gentle in and on our sensitive bodies.

1. Give your body a break

Your vagina and the skin around it are very sensitive and absorbent, and more likely to get irritated or inflamed. Our organic cotton is grown without toxic sprays or pesticides.

Plastic and toxic chemicals can really do a number on your body. Give your body the natural, plastic-free periods it deserves.

2. Skip the Greenwashing

The vast majority of pads, liners and tampons are made of or contain non-biodegradable single-use plastic. Yes, even those ones that say ‘organic cotton’ or ‘cotton’ still have components of plastic in them which prevents them from fully decomposing — leaving a legacy of plastic in our environment.

3. Non-organic cotton is thirsty

Organic cotton uses up to 90% less water than non-organic cotton. (Non-organic cotton is thirsty!) Organically grown cotton also doesn’t use any pesticides – so there is no leaching of chemicals into the waterways which can have harmful impacts on the ecosystem around cotton fields. Talk about a win-win-win!

4. Chlorine belongs in the pool, not your tampons

You avoid toxins in your toiletries… why not your tampons? Oi products are free from Chlorine bleaching. This is an important difference, as the use of Chlorine in bleaching produces dioxins which are classed as endocrine disruptors that are really not good for our bodies.

5. You deserve certified organic

Oi’s certified organic period products contain no toxic chemicals, harmful preservatives, synthetic additives, or GMO. Because they’re made from plant-based, biodegradable materials, they help you reduce waste and environmental impact.

Great for the planet. Oh and yeah because who wants plastics and toxins inside of them?

No plastic, no toxins, no leaks, just total confidence..

Here's the numbers

It can take


years for synthetic period care to break down in the environment

Study: How tampons and pads became so unsustainable

You'll likely use


period care products....

Assuming twice daily use, for 8 days each month over 40 years*

Together we've stopped

2.5 million

kilos of plastic from ever happening.

Read: 2.5 million kilos of plastic that never happened.

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Organic Panty Liners

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Go green,

ditch plastic.

"It’s hard to find tampons that don’t have unnecessary plastic and are not a pain to use. I appreciate having an earth friendlier option!"


"I love the subscription service. I no longer have to worry about running out of supplies or trying to find the right product at the supermarket."

Rebecca F.

Zero waste? A no brainer.

The Oi menstrual cup is a zero-waste alternative to tampons and pads. It is reusable and can last for three to five years. No more monthly waste from using tampons or pads. It is made of medical grade TPE making it softer and more pliable.

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We can’t do this alone

We’ve built partnerships with likeminded organisations like GirlGuiding NZ and Dignity to bring periods out of the dark ages and support women to take control of their own health, wellbeing and confidence.

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No Greenwashing.