Menstrual Cups

What’s the deal with the Oi Cup™?

Menstrual Cups can seem a bit scary to begin with, but with patience it will soon feel natural. Users tell us the Oi Cup™ is a complete game changer. Made from safe, comfortable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), once in place, it gives you more hours of freedom than when using a tampon or pad. And because it’s reusable, it’s the zero waste way to manage your period.

Which size should I use?

The Oi Cup™ is available in three sizes to suit different people and their flow. The following is a guideline, but it may take time to work out what size fits best for your unique shape.

Small: Suitable for those under 18 years old, who do not have sex regularly, or those who are smaller inside.

Medium: The most common size & suitable for those over 18 years old, & those who have not given birth vaginally.

Large: For those who are larger inside, this may be because they have given birth vaginally.

Please note that the Oi Cup™ is a personal hygiene medical device, and as a result used cups may not be returned or exchanged.

How to use an Oi Cup

Answers to more frequently asked questions

NO. It won’t disappear inside you.
NO. You don’t need to remove the cup to urinate or make bowel movements.
NO. Your cup shouldn’t leak if you have the right size and have placed it correctly.
YES. You can use the cup at night for up to 12 hours.
YES. The cup can be used while you exercise and play sport including swimming.
YES. The cup is compatible with the IUD or diaphragm but we recommend checking with your doctor before using.
NEVER. Use the cup as a contraceptive device, it isn’t one.
SEEK. Medical attention if you have any questions about TSS or cup use.

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